Alarm Systems

Even a very simple alarm system can provide a significant level of protection to property, as well as peace of mind to owners. Increasingly popular in homes, offices, cars, and smaller items of personal property, alarm systems have been proven to deter even break-in attempts and thus drive down insurance rates.


Multi-Tasking Home Alarm Systems

Traditional home alarm systems have long been popular as simply burglar alarms. But today's systems are capable of multi-tasking to protect home residents from fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, and other hazardous situations. By using a simple sensor to detect either heat or irregular substances in the air, alarms are designed to give occupants plenty of time to escape, emitting loud noises and sometimes mitigating property damage by automatically switching on alarms or blowers. When purchased as part of a home security package, some alarm companies provide personal check-in calls to homeowners when they are notified that an alarm is going off somewhere on the property. These companies then ensure that the appropriate authorities are on their way to your home.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are often designed to be extremely visible to deter thieves from targeting your home. The most simple home protection systems are wired into windows and doors and will sound when either is opened. More sophisticated alarms detect motion within the building, the breaking of windows, and attempts to hack into monitoring devices. Others incorporate lasers, weight sensors, temperature sensors, and other technologically advanced devices. Many home alarm systems have override capabilities, so that if you accidentally trip a switch yourself, you can turn off the alarm via a keypad or remote. Some homeowners find today's high-tech anti-theft systems to be overkill in most homes.

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Personal Property Alarms

Smaller-scale alarm systems have been developed for small but highly valuable devices such as laptop computers, personal handheld computers, and technology equipment. These alarm systems are highly tailored for their specific function and may be expensive for this reason. However, the proliferation of laptop computers has led to an increased demand for alarm systems for them and a greater number of options for these devices may lead to a wider range of price points.