Invisible Dog Fences

An invisible dog fence is an excellent way to keep any of your pets inside the yard without hiding your landscaping or dealing with constant repairs to a traditional fence. It works by connecting your dog's collar electronically to an underground wire that lines the perimeter of your property. When the dog approaches the wire, its collar will sound a warning beep. If the dog nonetheless continues, the collar will mildly shock him.

Training Your Dog to Use the Fence

An invisible dog fence system typically comes with training materials to use with your dog. These materials include visual symbols to be installed in your yard until the dog gets used to the placement of the fence. By lining the yard with flags or above-ground ropes, your pet will learn where his boundaries are and associate them with the mild shock. Eventually, you'll be able to take these visual symbols down.

Pros and Cons of an Invisible Fence

Advocates of the invisible fence say it works wonders on their pet and does not harm the animal. Ideally, your dog should be smart enough to be mildly shocked a couple of times and then never again. However, some animal rights activists argue that the shock is cruel and harmful to the animal. Others say that some dogs act aggressively upon being shocked, making them dangerous to people and other animals around them.

Another downside to the invisible fence is that it does not physically restrain the animal, so if your pet is absolutely determined to get out of the yard and is willing to endure a shock to do so, freedom is his. Your dog will also not be protected from neighborhood animals that can cross the line into your yard.

The best way to keep your dog safe and in the yard remains proper training. The invisible dog fence is not a replacement to training your dog. Some see it as a quick fix and that can contribute to the problems. Know that each dog is unique and that the system may work and it may not. It is best to gather as much information as possible, even test the system out and see how it works. Then talk with your veterinarian or your local humane society.

Cost of Invisible Dog Fences

Most invisible dog fences run in the range of $300 to $500, depending on features. Some companies are now offering wireless versions that do not require the ground to be dug up for installation, and these top out the price range.