Pools & Spas

The dream of having a pool or a spa of your very own is a very seductive one. Coming home from a hard day's work to soak away your worries in a private spa sounds ideal, as does a bright summer's day filled with the aroma of food cooking on an outdoor grilling and the sounds of family and friends splashing around in the pool. However, making those dreams a reality requires doing your homework and dedicating a substantial amount of time -- not to mention cost -- as well as discipline to keep your pool or spa running in top form.


Pools & Spas: Making the Right Choice

There are many steps to becoming a pool or spa owner, and many more to maintaining that ownership. Consider the following: What pool is right for your climate? Which spa fits the design of your home? How many people will be using it? What it is all going to cost? If you are willing to go the distance, however, having a spa or a pool to call your own can offer many years of rewarding experiences.

When it comes to pools, the basic question is: above ground or in-ground? Most people initially gravitate toward in-ground pools, but don't rule out above-ground units. Above-ground pools have come a long way in style as well as technology, and might be the right choice for you. (For more information on above ground swimming pools and in-ground swimming pools see the following article from HomeDoctor.net: Residential Swimming Pools.

If you are shopping for a spa, the first decision to make is whether to buy an indoor or outdoor spa? Indoor spas offer the advantages of privacy and convenience, not to mention year-round use. However, an outdoor spa can be a unique treat for the senses, if your landscaping and the climate in which you live allow for it.

Installation and Maintenance of Pools & Spas

When it comes time to purchasing, installing and maintaining your pool, you will need to keep a few general concepts in mind. First, in-ground pools can take a while to install, so be aware when you start the process that the project may not be complete in time for swimming season. Next, pools of all varieties require chemicals to keep them clean and healthy, so be prepared for a little chemistry 101. Finally, never forget to address safety issues when you have pets and small children around.

Spas have less intensive issues to consider. Because they are smaller, use significantly less water, and are easier to install, you may have your spa ready to use in short order. Understanding how additional features work for you before you buy is always a good move.