Residential Swimming Pools

If you live in an area with warm climate, chances are you've wished you had a pool to cool off in on the hot summer days. There are a variety of pools available to fit just about every yard and every budget.


Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground pools can be a wise choice for many reasons. They are cheaper than installing an underground pool, they are easier to install and are perfect for those who like to tackle home projects. They can be as simple as an inflatable pool or an elaborate set up that has a pool deck built around it. They are also mobile, so if you move you can take it with you. And because they don't require digging a hole, they can be installed in areas where an underground pool may not be possible. As with any pool you still need to prepare the land underneath it and you may need a building permit. The simple installation requires a flat surface free of rocks and roots, and a layer of sand. The sides are put up first and the liner put in last. It is a quick set up and can be done easily over a weekend, if not sooner for those who are really hands-on or can recruit some help.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Underground pools require a bit more work and planning. Since it will be a permanent structure in your yard, a little more planning may be needed. Things to consider are: Where the pool will be with reference to the house? Do you want it located off the bedrooms or the kitchen? Will there be water access available or will you need to install it? Does the landscape allow for an underground pool or will it need to be altered? Make sure there are no power lines, electrical, gas or water lines that will interfere.

When it comes time to decide what kind of underground pool you want, there are a few options.

1. Fiberglass Swimming pools

Fiberglass pools come to your home in one piece. They are pre-formed and come ready to install. Once the hole is dug and the water lines for the pool have been installed the pool is dropped in. A layer of sand is put in the hold and the pool is lowered in. Water fills the very bottom and the pool settles. As the pool fills, sand is put between the hole and the pool to make a tight fit. The only obstacle is that the truck carrying the pool and the crane must be able to easily access the site. Fiberglass pools are in the mid price range, from about $15,000 to $25,000

2. Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete pools require much of the same process only the installation is different. The ground is prepared and the concrete is sprayed on in layers. When the concrete has dried for approximately 1 week, a finishing coat is applied and often tiles or decorative siding are placed in. The benefit of a concrete pool is that it is easy to make the pool different shapes, depths and designs. Concrete pools can range in price from $17,000 to $50,000.

Choosing A Swimming Pool

There are so many different styles and versions of pools to choose from. Just be sure to take every precaution when starting projects and check with professionals before digging. Your first thought might be to build a pool in the spring so it is ready for summer. But spring can bring rain and moist ground, which can make installation difficult or lead to future problems. The best time to build is before winter, when you will most likely have a window of time with no moisture. Friends and neighbors can be great resources when trying to find a contractor. With a little research and much planning, you can find the pool to fit your needs and your budget.