Landscape Lighting

When selecting lighting for your home, don't forget about the exterior. Landscape lighting can be essential to creating a beautiful look for your landscape. Show off your beautiful garden or freshly groomed grass night and day by creating dramatic and eloquent effects with outdoor lighting.

Path Landscape Lighting

Path landscape lighting helps illuminate a pathway clearly. This can be done by placing lights along the walkway or in dark areas. Path lights can be uniquely placed to hide their lighting source, or placed along the walkway like lanterns. There are styles to match any look and to enrich the feeling of your home's exterior, from tiny candle-looking lights to large bulbs to sculptures that emit light. Some systems come with extra illuminating features, so that you can turn up your path lighting during a party for a more festive environment.

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting can be used to illuminate shrubbery, flowerbeds, or areas of interest in gardens. The simplest thing for a do-it-yourself homeowner to do in the garden is to string interesting lights around bushes or garden pots. Home improvement stores and garden specialty stores alike offer unique strings of lights in shapes like dragonflies and butterflies. This is easy to overdo, though��unless it's the holiday season, don't drench your garden in lighting. Wrap tiny lights around pots or the plants in them, not both. And be consistent. Use one or two types of lights��never more.

Landscape Spotlighting

Landscape spotlights are an effective way of turning an entrance way, statue or walkway into the focal point of your home. Use cross lighting to illuminate an interesting three-dimensional object that is typically lost in low to no light. Some of the more common items to spotlight outdoors are palm trees, and you can now buy lights that strap right on to the base of the tree, making setup simple.

Landscape Lighting Looks Good and Provides Security

Make your garden the wonderland of your dreams with landscape lighting, while scaring off unwanted intruders. Landscape lighting can be an effective tool to keeping burglars from breaking into your home. By illuminating the exterior of your home, you are making it harder for burglars to break into windows or doors without being seen by neighbors. Landscape lighting can create both beauty and security.