Driveway Resurfacing

By shouldering the weight of thousands of pounds of vehicles on a daily basis, your driveway might just be the hardest working part of your home. As such, it's no surprise that it may develop cracks and other damage over time. Driveway resurfacing is one option that will not only repair damage, but give your home a fresh new look.


What You Should Expect When Resurfacing Your Driveway

Resurfacing a driveway was once the realm of professionals. Now that commercial grade resurfacing products are available at the corner hardware store, any homeowner willing to perform a little labor can tackle the job himself.

The idea behind driveway resurfacing is pretty basic, and pretty much how it sounds. After thoroughly cleaning the surface of the driveway and repairing minor damage, the driveway is considered prepared for resurfacing. By applying the product to the driveway in a smooth and even manner, you are in essence giving it a second skin that is fresh, new, and free of cracks and other damages--it's about as good as an entire new driveway.

Preparing to Resurface a Driveway

There are some basic parts to the process for which you should prepare. One of the first things you will need to do is decide when you are going to perform the resurfacing. In order to ensure the proper function of the product, the temperature must be warmer than 50 degrees and dry for at least two consecutive days. In addition to sweeping the driveway, you will also want to remove weeds and grass that might have worked their way up through cracks, and hit the odd oil and paint stains with soap, water, and a wire brush. The driveway should be as clean as possible.

Enhancements To Your Driveway

In addition to resurfacing the driveway, there are other options open to you as well, from changing the look to the composition. Concrete engraving can provide custom images and words in just the right spots. Sawcut patterns can give some texture and depth to the driveway, and staining concrete can produce a wide variety of unique looks. Take some time to consider all your options before deciding on the best way to restore and improve the look of your driveway.


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