Air Dry Laundry Racks

Washing and drying clothes is an inescapable household chore. In the U.S., most of us have both electric or gas washers and dryers, so we do not consider the possible advantages of drying our clothes without use of gas or electricity.

Why Do Most People Avoid Air Drying Clothes?

The major reason given by Jill Cooper, author of "Air Drying Clothes without a Clothesline," is that most people think it is inconvenient to air dry one's clothes, or they do not know how to do it without an outdoor clothesline. She says that if no clothesline is available (if one lives in an apartment) one would need at least one drying rack and a clothes rod to take care of one's needs.

Why Should People Consider Air Drying Clothes?

Why not use or minimize the use of a clothes dryer? There are several great reasons to minimize dryer use. Using a large, energy-hog appliance, like a clothes dryer, just does not make sense for small loads. Air-drying racks make the perfect alternative. Air-drying as much as possible reduces energy use, and thus, helps the environment, not to mention how much money is saved on utility bills.

Other Benefits to Air Drying Clothes

Air-drying increases the life the clothes, by minimizing the damage done to fabrics by appliance-generated clothes drying. Drying clothes in a dryer slowly breaks down the fibers of the clothing, which is why lint is formed, and lint traps are essential. The inherent safety of air-drying is a side benefit. Improper venting of clothes dryers can result in fire, caused by excessive build up of lint, coupled with high heat. Use of an air-drying rack does not necessitate that one be present while the clothes are drying, as is the case with an electric or gas clothes dryer. Drying racks require very little space and can be moved around, used in or outdoors. Air-drying racks are actually less inconvenient and more of a benefit than one might think.

Where to Find Air Dry Racks

The Internet has a number of sites that feature such racks, ranging from wooden fold-up racks, to those that also function as wall-mounted towel rods that easily expand to become air drying clothes racks. Simple drying racks can be found in retail stores. Movable garment racks that can be used for either storage or air-drying are reasonably priced, depending on their respective features.

Air Drying for the Environment

For those who are environmentally conscious, a number of earth-friendly products are available, including a wide range of air drying products, such as pulley-operated clotheslines, wooden drying racks, and combination towel rods. These racks can be installed in a laundry room or hanging outside a window. They come in black cast metal, or natural wood.

In sum, it is unnecessary to do away with an electric or gas dryer entirely. However, for someone who wants to reduce energy use -- for the sake of the environment and one's pocket book, air drying racks offer a great solution.