Front Load Washers

In the world of dryers, front load is the norm, but front load washing machines are a relatively new concept in the world of residential washers. Front load washers have been around for many years in places like your local laundry and other commercial environments, but they have been slow to produce for residential use. Not for long!

Front Load Washers Give An Increased Load Capacity

Front load washing machines are similar in appearance to most average top load washing machines, but amazingly, the differences are quite considerable. Remember that large agitator right in the middle of your top loader? Front load washers operate without it, which increases the average load space by more than 30%. This makes it easier to wash items such as heavy blankets, rugs and sleeping bags. Because the top load washer doesn't use an agitator, the wash action is also gentler on clothes.

Save Energy With a Front Load Washer

The average front load washer operates at 1000+ rpm (revolutions per minute), which is several hundred times faster than most 600-700 rpm top loaders. Because the rpm is faster, clothes are drier, which reduces drying time and in turn, saves energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, by switching to water and energy-efficient appliances such as front load washers, Americans can save money. Additionally, the need for water supplies and the need to build expensive new power plants will decrease.

The Disadvantages of Front Load Washers

Depending on the type of front load washing machine, there may be a few disadvantages including initial cost, limited design options, and having to bend over to load the washer. The energy and water savings will more than make up for the initial cost of a front load washer and several types are available to help eliminate bending. Stackable front load washers (and dryer) systems are lightweight, so it is not uncommon to find them resting on an elevated platform for an easier, more level reach. Other front load washers are designed with an angled door, so the need to bend is eliminated. As popularity increases, additional styles will become available.