Ironing Cupboards

There's nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing an ironing board and iron sitting in the middle of the floor. Particularly if one lives in a small place with perhaps limited closet space, how does one store such a bulky item as an ironing board? With an ironing board cupboard, or cabinet, gone is the necessity of leaving an ironing board sitting out, or taking it out and setting it up each time one is ironing. Once the ironing is done: out of sight, out of mind!

Where to Install an Ironing Cupboard

An ironing cupboard can be defined as a compact, wall-mounted cabinet, which contains an ironing board and can be a very useful and efficient purchase. An ironing board cupboard can be installed in small spaces - such as hallways or laundry rooms that are not otherwise used. There are a number of models of ironing board cupboards, and they can be designed to meet the space and design requirements of one's home or apartment.

Simple Installation and Wide Arrange of Choices

An ironing board cabinet can easily be built with a minimum of materials needed. If space is limited, the cabinet can be built recessed into a wall, for example in the laundry room. It is important to place such a cabinet near an electrical outlet, as the iron will need electricity. A number of do-it-yourself books and Internet sites can provide instructions on how to build such a cabinet. There are also an array of online shopping outlets where such cupboards can be purchased. For example, ironing cabinets are available as simple pullout ironing boards and wall mounted, hide-an-ironing-board cabinets and are relatively inexpensive.

Elaborate Ironing Cupboards

More elaborate, multi-purpose storage systems and can cost more, but offer more complex organizing systems These cabinets come in a range of colors, styles, and finishes. They can be installed in existing cabinets, be freestanding, or wall-mounted. They can pull out or fold down (and up). Some outlets feature wall mounted, attractive wood cabinets that allow individualized design from a variety of styles. They are targeted for small spaces, such as narrow halls, walk-in closets, TV rooms, boards, RVs, dressing rooms, motel rooms, vacation cabins, nursing homes and hospital settings, and even in airports! They are easy to install, and do not require special tools or mechanical know-how. The ironing board pulls out of the wall unit at the top and swivels in any direction for ease of use, are full-sized, and may come with the ironing board cover and an iron rest rack.

Make Ironing and Clean-up Easier

With an ironing board cupboard, ironing is no longer a cumbersome, chore, where storage and unfolding of the board is needed in order to iron. An ironing board cabinet makes the chore of ironing and puts it where it belongs -- in the cabinet!