5 Easy and Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Who doesn't want a bathroom that's lovely? Even if you rarely give your bathroom a second thought day-to-day, you must admit that it's true. Our bathroom remodel ideas typically involve airy spaces with charming details, great lighting, and shiny fixtures.


Think for just a moment about a bathroom that's the opposite of lovely. Having trouble coming up with an image? Simply picture the last gas station restroom you had the misfortune to visit. There it is. You've got the right--or is it wrong?--image in mind now.

Perhaps the appropriate question to ask is, "Who wants to use something that looks and feels like a gas station restroom every day?" Certainly not you.

Hopefully your bathroom isn't that bad, but we haven't all been graced with the lovely bathroom of our dreams or the lavish budget to bring our bathroom remodel ideas into reality. So for the rest of us, check out these simple tips for creating a charming bathroom while keeping your remodeling costs low.

Five Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

1. Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling: Add New Lighting

New lighting can make a huge impact in any space, but especially a space as small as most bathrooms. If you've been living with the bland track lights the builder installed or your bathroom's style and color resembles something out of Grandma Hazel's 1973 Sears catalog, it's time for a change. As remodeling costs go, bathroom lighting can be surprisingly cheap--even less than $50 at many home improvement stores.

2. Keep Remodeling Costs Low: Replace the Toilet

A cracked, stained, or badly functioning toilet can make the nicest bathroom seem a bit more grungy. As such an important part of the space, you might think replacing a toilet would be an expensive undertaking. On the contrary, your toilet is one place where bathroom remodeling costs might actually be lower than you anticipate.

3. Creative Bathroom Renovations: Refinish Your Tub

The prospect of replacing an ugly or discolored tub seems daunting, with good reason, even though the bathtub itself doesn't cost too much. But did you know there's another option that's easier and reasonably priced? Hire a contractor to refinish your porcelain, cast iron, or fiber glass tub and your bathroom can receive an instant face lift.

4. Add a Bathroom Mirror with Style

You don't have to keep the mirror that came with the house when you moved in. Doesn't that feel freeing? Instead of that rectangular monstrosity that's taking up all sorts of space and adding little to your bathroom's style, try something new. Paint or refinish a mirror from a local thrift store. Or move the mirror that's been hanging over your fireplace for years to a new location: your bathroom. A new mirror can add a great deal of personality to the room with little effort.

5. Buy a New Shower Curtain and Replace Your Threadbare Old Towels.

You know you've been dying to do it. So, just do it already. It's time.

You don't have to have a fortune to bring some charm and loveliness to your bathroom. With some out-of-the-box thinking and elbow grease, your bathroom remodel ideas can come to life and your space will soon be the furthest thing from that gas station restroom.

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Natalie Morris is a freelance writer who loves to learn and ask questions. Her favorite home improvement activities include gardening, organizing, and painting large expanses of wall while her husband does the trim work. Natalie holds a bachelor's degree in English from Arizona State University.