Interior Decorating

Interior decorating is sometimes erroneously referred to as interior design, which is a design field that, technically speaking, is different from interior decorating. Interior decorating is more concerned with finishing touches rather than the structural layout or design of a space. Typically, the person who lives in the home or apartment carries out interior decorating. Sometimes however, interior decorating is done under the direction of an interior designer.

What Interior Decorating Entails

The term interior decorating is mostly used for private homes and apartments and includes such things as:

The objective of interior decorating is to create a room or series of rooms that is aesthetically pleasing yet functional for those who live there. Interior decorating is often used to spruce up or modify an existing space through the use of color and decoration, essentially giving the room a makeover. Interior decorating is usually less costly than other renovations because it doesn't involve major structural modifications.

Interior Decorating Ideas

When using interior decorating techniques to spruce up a room or two in your home, it is important to first select a specific look that you want to achieve. Paint and wallpaper are two of the most common interior decorating methods used to give a room a new look. Paint is less expensive than wallpaper, and there are a wide variety of painting techniques that can be used to create a unique look instead of using wallpaper to cover entire walls. Sometimes, a wallpaper border and a fresh coat of paint in a new color is all that is needed.

Window treatments are another relatively inexpensive method of interior decorating. Changing from ruffled curtains to sleek mini blinds or from mini blinds to sheer curtains can give rooms a whole new look. Themed rooms are also quite popular. For example, if you want to go with a British Colonial style for the den, think about elements such as wooden mini blinds or shutters, whitewashed walls, rattan furniture and large potted plants such as ferns to create the proper ambience.

It is the sum of the elements that make the look. Interior decorating is an easy do it yourself project that anyone can undertake. All it takes is an idea, a little cash and lots hard work!