Garden Windows

A garden window replaces a flat window in any room of a house and projects outward from the house; it looks like a glassed-in showcase. Garden windows are often referred to as greenhouse windows because they are the perfect spot for containing a small herb, cactus, or flower garden. Even lettuce and spinach can be grown in a garden window and plucked for a special salad. In a garden window, these plants can thrive on the sunlight year round without having to deal with harsh elements of the four seasons. In addition, the gardener can enjoy caring for the plants without being on hands and knees.


Why Install a Garden Window?

For homeowners looking for a simple yet elegant way to add value to their homes, garden windows are an ideal home improvement project. Garden windows can be installed in a day and can be made to fit any size window opening. Whether the garden window houses a garden or serves as a curio cabinet for a family member's collection, garden windows provide beauty for those inside and outside the home. If it displays the works of someone's green thumb, the garden window will also provide the scents of flowers or savory herbs such as basil or mint in the room.

Types of Garden Window

Garden windows come in two main styles. With the awning style, the window is hinged at the top and opens at the top; with the casement style, the window slides open at the sides for ventilation. Some come with single vents; others have double vents. Garden windows also come in two primary shapes: vertical (taller and more narrow) or horizontal (shorter and wider), to fit any window opening. Most come in either white or beige/almond color. Manufacturers provide standard features-such as screens, security locks, and easy access to window handles-in garden windows.

Plant-Friendly Features of Garden Windows

Plant-friendly features include a tinted top panel of glass to prevent plants from wilting; a slanted, rather than flat, top to facilitate water drainage; and a plant ventilation system that without having to open the window vents. The options for shelves in garden windows range from glass to wood lattices to vinyl-coated wires.

Garden Energy Efficient Windows

Many garden window manufacturers now use insulated glass to increase the energy efficiency of the windows, and they use aluminum rather than vinyl frames to ensure better heat resistance and less condensation.