Replacement Window Ideas: Stained Glass

Particularly if you have an older home, say pre-1940, stained glass may be a window replacement idea worth looking into. Many older homes were equipped with stained glass windows, which may have been removed over the years. Replacing these windows is a good way to restore some of the historical integrity to your home. And, stained glass windows are not as hard to find as one may think. There are companies dedicated to custom designing these windows, some manufacturers sell a line of stained glass (called "art glass"), or, if you prefer, you can even find incredible deals at flea markets or antique stores.


Cost of replacement stained glass windows


As with any window, there is a large price range for stained glass. The cost of these replacement windows depends on several things; where it is purchased, the size of the window, and who will be installing it. One stained glass company says, "We can make these any size, shape or color." Their prices seem reasonable, from $100 per pane up to $500 or $600, much less than you would expect to pay. On this site, the prices are based on the design of window chosen, but things like framing material and size may add to the cost.

Budget-friendly alternatives to stained glass replacement windows

If the cost of having stained glass replacement windows is not something you are willing to pay, there are some easier, more budget-friendly options. These options are not quite the same, but will achieve a similar affect without the cost. One of these alternatives is window film, a clingy plastic that can be printed with almost any design. If all you are looking for is the look of stained glass, this is a great choice, and is the most inexpensive option. Another option is a type of window in which the design is painted on an acrylic sheet with acrylic paint then applied to the window.