Window Shutters - Aluminum

Aluminum shutters are used both indoors and outdoors to insulate, block sunlight, provide privacy, and protect the home. Aluminum is rust-resistant, highly durable, and easy to clean and maintain, thus making it an ideal material for shutters both inside and out. Because the shutter slats can be made quite thin and still retain their strength, aluminum shutters provide the most protection against light.


Indoor Aluminum Shutters

Indoor aluminum shutters can be made to match almost any color scheme. When you are replacing windows, you will want to take the depth of the window frame into account if you want to mount aluminum shutters in the frame. These shutters should lower some of your utility costs, as they provide excellent protection from the sun during the summer.

Outdoor Aluminum Shutters

Outdoor aluminum shutters are used to block the sun, provide privacy, and increase the security of your home. These are available in several varieties, the most common of which are folding, or accordion-style shutters or roll-up shutters. The folding shutters open along hinges, ending up on either side of the window. Roll-up shutters roll into a small container above the window. The control for the rolling shutters can be manual or remote-control.

Aluminum Shutters as Protection

Because these shutters are made of such a strong material, they can help boost your home's resistance to break-ins by eliminating the windows as an access point. Additionally, aluminum shutters can be rated for hurricane safety. During a hurricane or heavy storm, the shutters seal over your windows, preventing them from breaking. This protects your home by keeping the pressure inside from growing too great.