Window Shutters - Wood

When you are replacing windows, one aspect to consider is wood shutters. Shutters close over windows to block sunlight and provide privacy. They can go on the outside or the inside of your home. They are available in various types of wood and colors.


Wood Window Shutters for Outdoors and Indoors

On the outside of the home, most wood shutters are simply decorative and don't close. They can improve the look of your home by dressing up your new windows. Because they attach to the outside of your home, you don't need to take them into account when planning your windows.

For the inside of the home, wood shutters are a beautiful alternative to traditional blinds. They typically open in the middle and swing or fold out to either side. They provide excellent privacy and insulate against the sun well.

Maintaining Wood Window Shutters

To increase the ease of maintaining wood shutters that are exposed to the elements, choose hard woods that have been sealed. Repaint them once a year or as needed to maintain the seal. Functional outdoor wood shutters are also available; these will provide some protection in storms, although not the same level as metal or aluminum shutters.

Tips on Installing Wood Window Shutters

When you are planning your windows, you may want to consider how deep the shutters will need to go if they are being installed inside the window-frame. Because they are available with slats as wide as three-inches, you will want to make certain that the frame allows enough room for installation. Indoor wood shutters are available in almost any stain or paint color. If you live in a humid climate, or the shutters are going to be placed in an area that is exposed to frequent steam, you should opt for the more expensive but highly durable hardwood varieties.