Door Hangers

A personalized door hanger is a unique decorative accent for a home. Made of paper, wood, laminated cardstock, vinyl, fiberboard, or even needlework, a door hanger displays a personal statement. It attaches to a door through a slit in the paper or other material so it can slide over the door knob, or it has a circular, cut-out opening slightly larger than the size of a door knob.


Types of Door Hangers

Sometimes door hangers are in the form of pillows, suspended from a ribbon or cord around the door knob, displaying a personal message for those who pass by the door. Some door hangers come equipped with a rubber "bumper" or a different, softer material on the back side, and some come with magnets, to hold the hanger more firmly in place and protect the door from scratches if the door hanger gets jarred.

Door Hangers for the Front Door and Doors within the Home

Door hangers originated as an effective means of advertising local businesses, churches, and the messages of local politicians right at a homeowner's front door. Just as door hangers allow businesses to target their advertising message only to the desired audience, a door hanger inside a home is designed to convey someone's wishes and personality to other family members or visitors in the home. Door hanger messages such as "Gone Shopping," "Gone Golfing," "Gone Fishing," and "Genius at Work" on a bedroom door tell others about the things a particular individual enjoys doing.

Door Hangers Can Convey a Message

Suspended from the door knob on the front door, "Welcome," "Baby Sleeping," and "Beware of Dog," convey a homeowner's message to visitors, as do door hangers with the words "Home Sweet Home" or "Bless This Home." "Door hangers have become increasingly popular statements and decorative accents for children and teenagers' bedrooms. These door hangers often show the favorite sport or pastime of the child, the child's name, or messages such as "Boys Only," "Teenagers Only," and even "Keep Out."

Do-It-Yourself or Ready-Made Door Hangers

Children enjoy choosing or even designing the door hangers for their rooms, allowing them to determine the impression they want others to have. Homeowners who enjoy decorating for holidays often use door hangers as decorative seasonal indicators. A Christmas door hanger, for instance, might have jingle bells or pine cones suspended from it. Door hangers can be purchased with ready-made or customized messages; and there are many types of door hanger kits so people can craft their own.