Door Hardware

A door is a movable barrier used to open and close the entrance to a building, room, closet, or vehicle. It is made of many different parts, usually a solid panel that is hinged to or sliding in a frame. In order for a door to function properly, door hardware is needed. The physical, touchable, material parts of a door are called door hardware. Door hardware is usually made of metal and consists of a wide variety of mechanisms ranging from latches, locks, and door knobs to door hinges and door stops.



While all door hardware is important, doorknobs, locks, and hinges tend to receive the most attention. A doorknob is a round handle used to open and close a door. Levers or handles are also types of door hardware used to open doors. There are four different types of doorknobs, including:

  • Keyed entrance
  • Privacy
  • Passage
  • Dummy doorknobs.

Doorknobs are available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to vintage. Some door knobs are solid metal or brass, while others are crystal clear. The typical door knob is round, but some are egg-shaped and some are diamond-shaped. Decorative plates for door knobs are also available for purchase in order to dress up standard knobs and handles.

Doorknob and Deadbolt Locks

Doorknob locks are available in two types: spring latch and dead latch. Spring latch and dead latch locks offer minimal security, and should only be used on interior doors. If an exterior door has a spring or dead latch, use a deadbolt lock for added security. Door hardware such as deadbolt locks offer the best protection when used on exterior doors.

There are two types of deadbolt locks: cylinder and double cylinder. Cylinder deadbolts key from the outside and the thumb lever is on the inside, while double cylinders key both inside and out. Another piece of door hardware is the vertical deadbolt, which is typically used to secure double doors.

Door Hinges

Hinges are also an important piece of door hardware, consisting of two metal plates attached together with a non-removable or removable pin. On exterior doors, for safety reasons, the hinge pins should be on the inside. The metal plates are secured to the door jamb and the door with screws. This allows the door to open and close. Door hinges are available in styles such as functional or standard, and a wide variety of decorative styles.