Steel Doors

The thought of a steel door induces images of bank vaults or watertight doors on submarines. You don't want one of those at the entrance of your home, do you? Hold on--just because a door is made of steel doesn't mean it has to look the part. Actually, if you think about it, having a steel door protecting your home, possessions and loved ones is very appealing. Even better, it doesn't have to look like the door of a bank vault.


Security and Insulation Provided by Steel Doors

Today's steel doors do much more than just provide security though they perform that function quite well. If you travel frequently or have already suffered from a break-in or burglary, installing a steel door will greatly improve your home's security when used in concert with other security measures such as an alarm system or window bars.

Steel doors are also renowned for their insulating qualities. Typically, steel doors are constructed of a hollow heavy gauge galvanized steel shell that is filled with expanding foam or some other high-density insulation foam. Galvanizing prevents the steel from rusting. After the foam sets and hardens, the surfaces are coated so that the door is not cold to the touch.

Decorative Steel Doors

It's the exterior finish and features such as inset windows that mainly determine the selling price for the door. Lower-cost versions are factory coated with vinyl or a baked-on polyester finish that may be embossed with a wood grain or other textured pattern.

Higher-cost steel doors are covered with a wood fiber coating that can be stained or painted, giving the door a "wood" feel as well as appearance. Top-end steel doors may feature an actual wood laminate coating that uses real wood veneer. These deluxe models provide the traditional look and feel of real wood along with the insulative properties and security features of tough hardened steel. Windows may be plain, frosted, ornate or full length in the French style.

More Steel Door Options

Many types of steel doors are manufactured and marketed with one certain feature as the selling point, be it insulation, fire-resistance, an attractive design, or more. Some steel door models come with side panels that extend the visual width of the entryway and may match the appearance of the main door such as inset windows and/or finish treatment and embossing.

Double doors are another popular option that make moving in (or out, when the time comes) a breeze. All in all, a steel door can provide you with a host of attractive features and though it may not make your home look like a bank vault, it will provide a similar level of security.