Storm Doors

A storm door is an outer, additional door for the purpose of protecting the main door from harsh weather. They help to block cold air in winter and moisture year round. Their glass panels can be replaced with screens in nicer weather to provide ventilation when wanted. And they provide outdoor light into the home when the main door is open. Moreover, storm doors have deadbolt locks, so they serve as additional security for a home. While providing practical functionality, they really add attraction to the entrance of a home. Whether a homeowner is building a new house, remodeling, or replacing an old door, a storm door is an excellent value for the money.


Types of Storm Doors

Storm doors are made of aluminum, vinyl, or composite materials. There are dozens of models and styles of storm doors to fit any decorating taste and budget. Selecting storm doors starts with choosing the type and color of wood or other material and the architectural style.

Next comes the selection of the size and type of glass windows and screening. Some storm doors have one panel from top to bottom and are known as a full-view door. Others have two panels-one for the top half and one for the bottom half; these are referred to as mid-view storm doors. The mid-view model is handy for changing whether the outside ventilation and light enters the room at the top or bottom. While some homeowners want only glass in their storm doors, others opt for removable glass that can be replaced with clip-in screen panels in nice weather. In addition, plastic panes can be selected instead of glass panes; and fiberglass or stainless steel mesh screens are available as an alternative other screens.

Other Storm Door Options

Installing a pneumatic closer will slow a door's closing and keep it from slamming shut. Finally, in homes where there are rambunctious children or people coming and going with their hands full-who may kick doors open-or someone who is wheelchair bound, selecting a storm door with a higher kickpanel (the bottom portion of the door beneath the glass or screen panels) is an excellent idea for protecting the beauty of the door.

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