Garage Door Basic Maintenance

No matter the construction material or style of your garage door, you have routine maintenance to do if you want it to operate smoothly throughout the course of its working life. Your existing door is either attached to an electric motor to facilitate opening and closing, or it's a manual door that you raise and lower by hand. Both models need regular lubrication and inspections for alignment. If you stay on task, your door should continue to work the way it was designed.

If you have a motor-powered door that stops working smoothly, disconnect it from the powered mechanism and try opening the door by hand. If it works smoothly, then the problem most likely originates in the motor and it's time to call in a specialist. Otherwise, try some of these tips to ensure trouble-free operation.

Routine Garage Door Alignment Inspection
At least once a year, head out to the garage with a screwdriver and socket kit in hand. Your first stop should be at where the door is bracketed to the wall and track. Are all the bracket bolts tightened? Are the tracks still in alignment? If not, loosen the bracket, inch it into place gently with a hammer and a wood block, and re-tighten the screws or bolts.


Lubricate working parts with lightweight oil, applying it to the track, pins, and rollers.
Next, check the springs. You should be able to open the door halfway and suspend it without much pressure in the mid-way position. If the door snaps upwards, the springs may be too tight. If it hurries downwards, the springs may be worn. You may need to call in an installer.