Garage Remodeling: 21 Steps to Using Space You Already Own!

Garage remodeling taps your biggest existing ground-level space. Anything from reorganizing storage to building a small apartment is possible. Let's examine what you need to tackle some garage remodeling ideas.

Get Your Cars Out of the Driveway!

  1. Set aside two or three days when you expect good weather and many helping hands on deck.
  2. Rent a dumpster. Borrow a pickup truck.
  3. Make two signs each for categories such as sports equipment, electrical, paint supplies, tools, overhead storage, recyclables, donations, trash, etc.
  4. If purchasing racks or cabinets, assemble them before clean-out day. Or order and schedule units to be installed by professionals. Install any rafter-mounted overhead storage unit.
  5. On the planned day, EVERYTHING comes out of the garage! Put one of each sign in the driveway or yard. Deposit items coming back to the garage by the appropriate sign or in the dumpster or pickup if they'e going away.
  6. Sweep and vacuum the empty garage, then decide where each category of items should be stored.
  7. Install the new shelves or cabinets and fasten them to studs. Tape the second set of signs on the shelving units where you plan to store categories of items.
  8. Work with one category at a time and bring in items from the yard to the correct unit.
  9. Drive in the cars. You've accomplished an easy, very effective garage remodeling!

Twelve Major Garage Remodeling Steps

Your renovations may use the whole garage or just a bay or two. You might add a side room or a second floor. Now you're creating living area, so it's more complex. Be aware that garage floors sometimes slope. Get ideas and bids from two or three home remodeling contractors. Steps in the whole process include:

  1. Creating and revising plans with your home remodeling contractors and/or architect.
  2. Getting necessary permits, including a possible business license.
  3. Getting home owner's association approval for external changes and perhaps for having a business.
  4. Insulating walls and ceilings.
  5. Providing heating and cooling.
  6. Changing lighting.
  7. Possibly adding plumbing and a sewer connection.
  8. Possibly jackhammering the floor for plumbing lines.
  9. Removing the garage door and its tracks.
  10. Sealing the cement floor or adding flooring.
  11. Matching the exterior to the rest of the house.
  12. Creating car storage elsewhere.

Don't be overwhelmed by garage remodeling processes. If you like your neighbors, neighborhood, and schools, your home can expand internally to accommodate your family's needs, While creating storage can take just a few days, adding a room can take weeks or even months. But remember, the uproar will be soon forgotten, while the enjoyment can last for years!