Home Theater Systems

As the credits begin to roll on the drama-slash-romance movie you and your date just finished watching, you hand her a tissue so she can dry her eyes. Looking around to make sure you have all your trash, you pick up the bag of popcorn and the cup of soda and stand up to stretch. Arm in arm the two of you walk towards the theater exit, open the door, and enter the living room of your own home. As surreal as this might sound, having an elaborate home theater system in the home is no longer limited to the wealthy.

Home Theaters Systems for Everyone

While having a literal home theater built in a dedicated room complete with a popcorn machine, rumble-seating, and a few rows of movie theater seats might be beyond the average homeowner's reach, there are a number of ways to create a similar effect.

Everything from multi-component, a la carte shopping and designing of home cinema space to HTIB, or "home theater in a box," a one-component device that combines DVD, a surround sound system and even a radio tuner, is available at specialty shops, online retailers, and even standard department stores.

Essential Elements of a Home Theater System

There are a few basic and a few optional elements required to create a home theater system. For viewing movies, television, or even playing video games, a high definition television with a large screen usually does the trick.

Sometimes, a projection system is used, complete with a movie screen in either a fixed position, or on a retractable, remote controlled panel that can disappear into the ceiling or cabinetry when not in use. The visual component here can be as simple or as elaborate as the heart desires and the wallet allows.

In terms of sound, surround sound is a necessity; otherwise there is no home theater, just a TV. One can have surround sound with as few as four speakers, as well as an optional subwoofer placed in such a way as to provide cinema quality sound angled to hit the sweet spot, where the viewers will be sitting.

For furthering information on speakers see the following article from HomeDoctor.net: Home Theater Speaker Systems.

Depending on the owner of the home theater, comfortable seating could be a requirement as well. This can be attained with reclining chairs, sofas, or as in the scenario above, real theater seats found in actual movie theaters, often equipped with tactile-sound projectors, giving the movie watcher a rumble in time with on-screen explosions and the like.

Other Ideas For Your Home Theater

Movie posters, popcorn making machines, soda dispensers, movie marquees; all are possible, depending on the devotion and the bank account of the movie buff in question. In truth, "home theater systems" are difficult words to define precisely, because the choices for each element are vast.

The best advice for a budding home cinema owner is to plan for, design, budget, and purchase components in equal parts. After all, there is no point in having the movie seats and projection screen without comparable surround sound to go with it all.