Armoires / Wardrobes

A wardrobe or armoire is a large cabinet generally used for storing clothing and other household items. Armoires can also be used to store china, stereo equipment, computers, office related items, even toys. Wardrobes were traditionally used in homes before the popularization of built-in cupboards.

Features of Armoires

Typically, armoires stand alone on the floor and feature two full-length doors that swing open to provide access to the storage space within. This interior space is often divided with drawers and shelves. Armoires can also be easily fitted with hanging poles. Their facades are often decorated and sometimes feature mirrors. Traditional armoires are made with gorgeous finished wood that is either waxed or painted. Any number of modern materials is now used for their construction. Armoires are hugely versatile and can be used as a mainstay in any room. As furniture, they work well as both decorative pieces and as functional storage rooms.

Armoires for the Living Room

In the family or living room, an armoire with installed shelves and a hole in the back to channel wires can be an ideal home for an entertainment center with a television set and stereo system. Open the doors to enjoy a movie or television show or tinker with music settings. Close the doors to hide away the clutter of such equipment. With speakers placed at various points in the room, you can enjoy music with the armoire doors closed.

Armoires for Games and Hobbies

Games, activity kits with dice and cards, hobby equipment, and toys can also find their place within such a storage unit. Adding hooks and pegs on the side walls or doors of an armoire allows you to hang things and more effectively use the storage unit space. Music instruments, carrying cases, and all sheet and book music can also be hidden away in such a unit, as can things like souvenirs, photo albums, and collections.

Armoires for the Bedroom

In a bedroom, armoires can store more than just clothing and bedding. They can also provide an area to place purses, shoes, jewelry, belts, and scarves. Armoires can also function like a vanity where you can place and properly organize makeup and other beauty supplies-add a mirror to complete this particular use. Again, even in the bedroom an armoire can beautifully house and hide away an entertainment center.

Armoires for the Bathroom

In your bathroom, use an armoire to store your linens-towels, bedding, and anything else that goes along with them. Cleaning supplies can also be properly stored and hidden when you're not scrubbing away.

Armoires as a Home Office

Those who don't have a dedicated room as a home office may find armoires to be an acceptable option. The amount of space, however, will be limited unless you're extremely organized. Armoires doubling as home offices require you to completely put away your work if you want to shut the doors.

Armoires can also be very functional in guest rooms, kitchens, children's rooms, dining rooms, garages, and hallways. Although armoires can be practical and beautiful, some pieces may be fairly expensive and not be within some budgets. For a cheaper option, consider building your own with a ready-to-assemble kit and some patience.