Bar Stools

Bar stools are seats that are higher than typical chairs meant to accommodate counters rather than tables. Bar stools add extra seating to the kitchen by allowing people to sit at and use the higher surfaces. The term bar stool is sometimes used interchangeably with kitchen-counter stool, but there is a significant height difference between the two, with bar stools designed to fit 40- to 45-inch-high surfaces and kitchen-counter stools designed to fit the standard 36-inch-high countertop. Although they come in basically the same styles, the height difference is very important to remember when ordering.

Bar Stool Options

Bar stools come in a wide variety of styles and materials. They can come with upholstered seats, in metal, wood, or plastic, and with or without backs and arms. Seat sizes also vary, with some offering seats much like dining room chairs, and others offering a smaller, round seat. The style of the bar stools should go well with the d��cor of the area they are in, without being obtrusive. Bar stools are typically meant to go relatively unnoticed.

Buying Bar Stools

When purchasing bar stools, you should pick stools that accent the style of the room. If it is important that the stools aren't in the way, choose stools that can be tucked under a counter ledge when not in use. Keep in mind that arms and backs sometimes prevent this from being possible.

Stools can also be made with swivel-tops, allowing the user to turn around while still seated. Because stool legs can be hard on wood floors, either choose stools that will remain stationary or that have padding on the bottom to prevent scratching. Safety issues are also important to remember. Because stools are higher off the ground, they should be stable, without wobbling. Stool legs that go out from the seat at a slight angle will provide a sturdier perch.