Noticed the piles of magazines on the coffee table and the cascade of fiction books on the nightstand? It may be time to invest in a few bookcases in order to sort, display, and create access to the wide variety of reading material found in the modern household. Bookcases can be purchased to hide demurely against a bedroom wall, or to shout book titles from a glass cased mahogany floor to ceiling shelving system in the living room. No matter the material or the measurements, bookcases can provide a simple, yet important organizational component to any room.

Types of Bookcases

Typically, a bookcase consists of two or three wooden shelves with an open front, and is a freestanding unit or has been built into the wall. Freestanding units are more easily transported compared to built-in book shelves. However, built-in units are much more secure as they are generally fixed firmly to the wall and anchored by the wall studs or other immovable objects.

There are, of course, variations on this assembly and design, such as triangular corner cases and floor to ceiling models. These types of bookcases provide the ability to utilize room and wall space that isn't readily used, and can assist in organizing literary collections without cluttering up the space or disturbing the flow of the room. Lately, the use of revolving bookcases has become quite popular. Revolving bookcases are freestanding units which rotate to offer four shelving surfaces that are able to accommodate many different sized books and may even be unevenly loaded without causing tippage.

Bookcases can be made of oak, cherry, maple and many other woods in order to match both d��cor and budget. There are a variety of shelves and shelving heights available, and some shelves may even be independently adjustable in order to hold books of any size.

Make Your Own Bookcase

For those with simple design needs and small budgets, a bookcase can be assembled using a few boards, some wood glue, a hammer, nails, and a ruler. Do-it-yourself bookcases and their instructions are available online and in hardware and home appliance stores. However, when doing-it-yourself, feel free to ask for tips, hints in construction, and specific tools needed from the sales staff.

Finally, in a pinch, or for temporary no-frills conditions, bookcases that are constructed out of boards lying on cement blocks can provide a quick and simple storage space, but may not, of course, be as stable as some other constructs.