Chairs for the home can serve a variety of uses. They are used to provide seating and to add to the home d��cor. Most chairs are designed for comfort, but some formal styles of chairs are intended more for decoration than for utility.

The Usefulness of Chairs

Many styles of chairs are designed to provide seating in living rooms, as well as other rooms including bedrooms and family rooms. Other chairs are designed as part of dining room sets.

Types of Chairs

Chairs can be found in styles to match the d��cor of any home. Chairs used in places like a living room or bedroom will typically be cushioned and have fabric coverings. A variety of materials are used in chairs that are not upholstered. Those materials include various woods, metals, and plastics. The frames are commonly made of some type of wood. Some version of an armchair is particularly popular in these settings, although side chairs are also popular.

Styles range from classic chairs such as Windsor, to modernistic styles including art deco and even bean bag chairs. Bar and breakfast stools are a kind of chair designed for seating at a wet bar or breakfast bar. Home offices usually have some type of desk chair. Reclining chairs are a specialized type of chair that are often used for relaxing at home. Recliners are usually designed with extensive cushioning, built in footrests, and headrests. Rocking chairs are quite popular and come in a variety of styles. Various types of chairs are designed for home theatres.