Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are long, low-standing tables that are placed in front of couches or in a seating area that contains a couch. Coffee tables are used to display items that might be of interest to your family or guests, such as magazines, books, or small knickknacks. People also use coffee tables as a place to place their beverages when they are sitting and visiting.

Coffee tables come in a variety of styles to fit with your home's interior design. While many coffee tables are rectangular in shape, you can also find oval or round coffee tables for a different look.

Wood Coffee Tables

A coffee table can be made out of solid wood, such as

  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Pine.

If solid wood does not work for you, you can find coffee tables made laminates, or strips of "wood" made out of wood chips which provide the top of a coffee table with the appearance of wood, but not the cost of solid wood.

Some coffee tables are designed with wood inlays which can portray intricate geometric patterns or a stylized picture of a wild animal. You can also find wood coffee tables that are carved on the top and then protected with clear plastic or glass. Depending on your preference, wood coffee tables can have ornate designs on their legs and sides or be austerely simple in appearance.

Glass and Marble Coffee Tables

If you like glass, you can have a coffee table made with a glass top that is supported by either a metal or wood base. If you enjoy marble, you can find coffee tables with marble tops, supported by either wood or metal similar to glass coffee tables. The wood in the base of glass or marble coffee tables might be sculptured. The metal bases in these types of coffee tables might include some beautiful curvilinear lines to create more visual interest.

If you are fond of both wood and marble tops, you can find wood coffee tables with marble inlays Some coffee tables include drawers for extra storage or a second shelf for those magazines that you know that you want to read, and will read, just as soon as you have the time.

Coffee Tables: Other Factors to Consider

You might also want to coordinate any end tables that you are considering with your coffee table to give your room a finished look. The sky is the limit in coffee table designs. Whether you are looking for something contemporary, something shabby chic, or something with classical influences, you are sure to find a coffee table that pleases you.