There are rooms in the home where objects, electronic equipment, and other supplies may be more readily accessible if placed in plain view on a console. A console is a small table that is fixed or that lies adjacent to the wall, and can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Home Entertainment Consoles

In the family room, or wherever television is watched, a home entertainment console is oftentimes utilized to house all electronic equipment pertaining to television such as VCRs, DVD players, stereos, and CD players.

Some entertainment consoles can be very large and even provide shelving unit access for further items such as speakers and cable television satellite receivers. A home entertainment console is an important element in developing a home theater system, as it provides access to all audio and visual equipment, and may even be a central element in a decoration scheme for the room.

Bedroom Consoles

In the bedroom, consoles can be utilized for holding personal items, collectibles, photographs, and reading material; yet still provide a more formal display than a simple shelving unit.

Kitchen Consoles

In the kitchen, consoles may hold small appliances and utensils, or linens and dishware.

Bathroom Consoles

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, a console can provide surface space for scented candles, hand towels, and other guest necessities, or can be fashioned into a vanity for personal cosmetics and toiletries. Bathroom consoles may also be equipped with further storage space and accessories, such as shelving, towel hooks and towel racks. With this, towels and washcloths can actually be featured in the d��cor, and be folded and displayed to match a bathroom color scheme.

When used in the bathroom, a console can be coated with polyurethane in order to prevent water damage from shower and bath moisture in order to protect its finish. Consoles can also be fitted to be freestanding sink units as well, giving a bathroom a newer, modernized look by avoiding the boxy traditional bathroom cupboards.

Console Options

Consoles can be designed and composed of plastic, wood, metal, and many other materials, however, because consoles are simply versatile shelving units, there are also ways to design unique consoles from some unusual sources. For example, old railings, banisters, and even gates can be fitted with brackets and topped with boards or glass in order to create an original console that is specific to a home's design and d��cor. Keep an eye out during redecorating or remodeling, and turn what may have been headed to the trash into a unique piece of console treasure.