Couches are a common type of furniture used in homes to provide seating as well as d��cor. Couches are usually called sofas, or sometimes davenports. Ordinarily, couches are placed in living rooms or family rooms.


Types of Couches

Couches are available in a wide variety of styles and typically seat three or four people. Loveseats are smaller couches made to seat two people. Larger couches are called sectionals, and can comfortably seat a large group of people. Another popular type of couch is the sleeper couch, which unfolds into a bed.

A variety of fabrics can be used to cover couches including leather (real or imitation) and stain resistant fabrics. Fabrics come in an almost limitless array of patterns and styles.

Couch Purchasing Tips

Due to the size of couches, care needs to be exercised during the selection process. The buyer needs to ensure that the couch will fit in the space intended for it. For larger couches, there may even be a question of whether the couch will fit through doorways. Be sure to measure, measure, and measure again.

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Caring for Couches

Because all fabrics will fade, couches should be placed where they are not in direct sunlight. Care for a couch includes dusting, vacuuming, and periodic professional cleaning. Cushions and pillows should be rotated regularly. Methods for removing stains from spills will vary with the type of fabric.