Desks are a type of furniture that incorporates a flat space on which to write or place a computer and storage space, usually in the form of drawers, to keep appropriate writing materials such as pens, pencils, paper, scissors, and stationary. Usually, there is only space enough for one person to sit comfortably at a desk. From this basic description, there are a myriad of desk styles from which to choose.

Roll Top Desks

Roll top desks are perennial favorites, dating back to the 19th century. Roll top desks have an area in the center in which to sit. Next to the sitting area are drawers stacked on each side. The desk itself is covered by a rolling top, which can be used to close off the desk when it is not in use. You will find little drawers and storing areas inside the roll top area to keep your correspondence and sundry items. Roll top desks are usually made from wood and are very attractive.

Armoire Desks

Old fashioned armoire desks have been adapted to the computer age. This built-in desk is contained in a large cabinet which can be shut when not in use. Armoire desks can contain a slide-out writing space, an additional slide-out space for your keyboard and mouse, and a place for your computer monitor. There will also be drawers so that you can file important papers. Armoire desks are typically made from wood and are very decorative.

Pedestal Desks

Pedestal desks, also called executive desks today, are very recognizable. Executive desks have a flat working surface which is supported by two columns of drawers. There is usually a small drawer in the middle seating area. These desks are designed to be freestanding.

Writing Tables

Writing tables are similar to pedestal desks in design, except that they have a more open appearance. This is because that writing tables only have three small drawers underneath the writing area instead of columns of drawers.

Ergonomic Desks

You can also purchase ergonomic desks for your home. Ergonomic desks are adjustable and can be customized to fit your body so that you can be more comfortable when working.

Other Desk Options

Are you a little under the weather? There are small portable desks available so that you can write when you are in bed. Are your children still growing? You can find smaller desks which resemble pedestal desks to include in their rooms.

Desks are more necessary today than ever. If you are looking for a new desk, you are sure to find one which not only meets your needs, but will add to the d��cor of you home.