End Tables

End tables are designed to sit next to couches or chairs in living areas or next to beds in bedrooms. End tables are small pieces designed to tuck in closely to other pieces of furniture.

End Table Uses

End tables are generally square or rectangle in shape, although they can be found in round or oval shapes as well. Many people choose to coordinate their end tables with the coffee tables in living areas and with bureaus in bedrooms.

End tables in living areas are used primarily to rest beverages. Often, small knickknacks are placed on top of the end table to enhance the table's visual appeal. Some end tables include an extra shelf or two for magazines and indoor plants. Lamps are also found on top of end tables to increase the available light during the evening hours. In addition, one might place books, glasses, clocks, or telephones on end tables in bedrooms. Others have drawers for storing important odds and ends or large drawers for keeping larger items. There are even end tables available to meet one's outdoor living needs.

End Table Styles

End tables come in a variety of styles. The designs are almost limitless, from ornate rococo designs, to sleek contemporary designs, to ultra-modern designs. They are also made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Wood - typically made from cherry, oak, pine, mahogany, or beech. Some end tables have wood-inlaid designs on top, combining different types of woods in intricate patterns. One may also opt for an ornate design carved on top of wood end tables, covered with glass or plastic for the carving's protection.

  • Laminates - a commonly found material combination consists of solid wood legs and laminate tops

  • Glass - this type of end table could be supported by wood or metal bases, either carved or left elegantly simple

  • Metal

  • Marble - commonly combined with an eye-catching wood base.

Other end tables might combine chrome, wood, and glass for an eclectic look. End tables made for patios or yards might be made from wood or plastic. Other outdoor end table styles include glass with wrought iron bases.

Regardless of whether you are looking for end tables for the bedroom, living area, or patio, you are sure to find end tables that meet your requirements and compliment your other furniture.