Entertainment Centers

What is a home entertainment center? Many people consider their home entertainment centers to be a focal point in a room, particularly the bedroom or family room. Home entertainment centers are a type of furniture that might hold a:


  • Television
  • DVD player
  • CD player
  • Stereo component with a AM/FM tuner
  • Speakers
  • Cable or satellite television receiver.

A home entertainment center might also have storage space for your favorite CDs or DVDs. Home entertainment centers keep all of your entertainment needs together in one, easy-to-access place.


Selecting the Right Size Entertainment Center

The size of home entertainment centers is dictated partially by the size of your television and whether you would like to use your home entertainment center to display other, non-electronic items, such as books or family pictures. A 54-inch plasma television is going to require a different size home entertainment center than would a 27-inch LCD TV. The size of your speakers can also have an impact on the size of your entertainment center. Be sure to measure the dimensions of all the components the entertainment center will house in order to purchase the correct size.

Home Entertainment Center Options

Many home entertainment centers are manufactured from wood, such as cherry, fruitwood, pine, or oak. Home entertainment centers can be built with an antique look in mind or a contemporary curved appearance. They might also be painted a solid color or decorated with old fashioned flower arrangements. There are also home entertainment centers that can fill up an entire wall space. Some handy options available include:

  • Armoire-like units with doors that close, keeping room looking neat and tidy when the television is not in use

  • Doors made out of various materials such as glass and mesh screens, ensuring that remote controls will always work with ease

  • Drawers or cabinets on the bottom for storage needs

  • Customizable and adjustable shelves

  • Precut holes for all of the electrical cords

  • A removable back panel for easy installation.

With all of these wonderful choices available, you are sure to find home entertainment centers to your liking that will coordinate with the rest of the furniture in your home.