Love Seats

Love seats are extra wide chairs that are able to accommodate two people comfortably. With an appearance like a double chair or a small size sofa, they are wider than a regular chair, but narrower than a couch or sofa.

Love seats have been in existence since the early 18th century during the Queen Anne period. Originally, they were built to accommodate the wide skirts of fashionable well-to-do ladies. Love seats were a type of narrow settee, an upholstered seat made for two people that developed from an upholstered chair. As fashions changed, the term settee was replaced with courting seat or love seat. Today, a settee is slightly larger than a loveseat, holding two to three people comfortably.

What Makes a Love Seat?

Love seats, like chairs, consist of:

  • A padded back

  • A padded seat supported by four legs that lift it off the floor to a comfortable seating height

  • Two arm rests, one on each side of the loveseat.

Love Seat Uses

When decorating, many people choose to replace a sofa with a loveseat -- the rationale being, how many times do three people actually sit on a sofa at the same time?

Love seats are similar to chairs and can be moved around to suit the interior d��cor. Most love seats are upholstered with fabric or leather and have matching cushions, but some that are not are made of wicker or cane. Because they are, in effect small sofas, love seats are perfect for creating small intimate corners within larger rooms, as well as for entrance halls, master bedrooms, children's bedrooms, playhouses, office spaces, dorm rooms, small apartments, guest rooms, and vacation rentals.

Purchasing a Love Seat

Buying a love seat is similar to buying an upholstered chair. Quality is determined by several factors including:

  • Chair construction - frames should be made of hardwood such as cherry or maple; joints should be doweled and then screwed and glued, with wood blocks securing the corners for added stability; webbing should be tightly woven together with no sags or gaps

  • Springs - spring coils that are hand-tied eight ways to the corners provide the best support system for the seat

  • Padding - padding should be made from cotton batting or high-density foam

  • Upholstery fabric - fabric patterns (stripes, flowers, etc.) should match at the seams and be in proportion to the size of the love seat.