Office Chairs

People who work in offices need to feel comfortable, as any reduction in comfort will directly affect the quantity and quality of their work. Since desks cannot easily be adjusted to suit the user, the office chair has become the chief method of ensuring the comfort of office workers.

Selecting an Office Chair

An office chair should be selected carefully and the decision should not be based on price alone, though in most cases, better chairs will cost more. It's important for the user to actually try out the chair. Since every person is different, it's critical that the office chairs can be adjusted to provide the maximum amount of comfort. Unfortunately, with some chairs, this simply is not possible, so people who are much shorter or taller than average will have an especially difficult time finding a suitable chair.

The Perfect Office Chair

The ideal office chair will incorporate as many as possible of the following features:

  • Adjustment controls should be easily operable from a sitting position and should not be overly complicated.
  • Seats should be fully adjustable in height, and have the ability to tilt forwards as well as to recline.
  • The front edge of the seat should curve downward. No pressure should be exerted on the undersides of the thighs or the backs of the knees.
  • The fabric of the chair should be comfortable, breathable, and not overly slippery. In addition, it should be colorfast and easy to clean. Leather chairs can be extremely comfortable, but they are also vulnerable to damage from buttons, pens, and other sharp objects and may be difficult to repair.
  • The backrest should support the lower back; an adjustable lumbar support pad is preferable.
  • The chair's base should be stable; five-point bases are the best. The casters, if applicable, should function smoothly and quietly.
  • The chair should be stable and swivel smoothly.
  • If the chair has armrests, they should not interfere with the user's movements when working normally. Better office chairs have adjustable armrests.
  • Some office chairs have an integral footrest. This is recommended for shorter users whose feet do not rest flat on the floor.

Considering how much time many office workers spend sitting in their chairs, a lot of thought should go into their purchase. You wouldn't short-change yourself by buying a cheap mattress. The same goes for your office chair.