For many family rooms and living rooms, the sofa provides the focal point for which the rest of the room is designed around. There are sectional sofas, sofa beds, armless, straight-armed, rolled armed, and a variety of other styles and components to choose from for whatever the home d��cor requires.

Choosing the Right Sofa: What to Measure

The right sofa can really make a room, but not if it is jammed in the doorway. So, before purchasing that dream sofa, make sure to measure:

  • The area in which the sofa will be placed to deduce how much space in the room will be utilized, including the ability to maneuver around the sofa once it is set up

  • All access doors, stairways, and hallways leading into the room

Sometimes, in ground floor apartments or low-level rooms, there may even be a large window that can provide an avenue for entrance by removing the window screen and lifting the sofa through. Some sofas may also offer detachable legs to provide easier maneuvering through tight doorways and spaces.

Sofa Options

Once the correct measurements have been taken down, consider the color, style, and accessories of the sofa. When deciding on a color for the couch, keep in mind that households with pets, snacking adults, and children may want to consider patterned or darker colored sofas that will mask stains better than light or neutral colored ones.

There are leather, tweed, and cotton fabric sofas that come in a variety of colors and patterns which can always be kept fresh and in style by swapping out old pillows for new ones, and therefore be adjusted to match any changes to the home d��cor as well. Sofas may provide components such as fold-out beds or reclining end seats, which can also add to versatility.

Find the Perfect Sofa

Above all, a sofa should offer comfort and stability. Take the time in the store to sit and lay on sofas to avoid scratchy and uncomfortable options that may look good, but feel terrible. Make sure the construct is glued together firmly, and always remove the cushions for a peek at the construct below to ensure stability.

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