Floor & Table Lamps

Floor lamps are lighting structures that are fashioned to stand on the ground. Typically, these free standing lamps are at least five feet tall. They usually still require access to a power supply but they do not require any anchoring or mounting.

Table lamps are also freestanding lighting structures, but these lamps are much shorter and are intended to be placed on a tabletop when they are in operation. The height of table lamps can vary but most are between 2 feet and 3 feet tall. Table lamps can be placed on any flat surface that can support the lamp.

Neither floor lamps nor table lamps are particularly heavy so there are truly no special requirements to where they can be placed other than they need to be relatively close to a power source.

Floor and Table Lamp Features

The features of floor and table lamps are not that varied. The most obvious feature of any lamp is the on-off switch. Some lamps may have multiple light bulbs and the ability to turn only as many as you want on. Both floor and table lamps can have dimmer switches that allow you to control the brightness of the light projected from the lamp.

Types of Floor and Table Lamps

A quick trip to any home improvement store will make it clear that there are so many different types of floor and table lamps available that it is almost impossible to not find one that meets your needs. The most obvious variable in any type of lamp is the look of the lamp. Floor and table lamps can be designed in a variety of styles that include tube structures, pyramids, vase structures or any other shape you can imagine. Some table lamps even have circular or cube shaped bases. The design possibilities with lamps are endless.

They can be constructed of a variety of materials such as metals, woods or plastics and come in every color of the rainbow. Both floor and table lamps can have multiple sources of light emanating from the lamp. Lamp shades are also very popular, although not necessary, particularly with table lamps. Lamp shades come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and changing a lamp shade can make a lamp look completely different.