LBL Lighting

LBL Lighting, founded in 1971 by Ronald Stone, has become one of the most popular names in decorative lighting since its inception. LBL notes its core values as being innovation, design, originality and quality.

LBL has come to focus on the most commonly requested lighting components, configuration choices, metal-finished and pre-curved rails in order to provide a simplified design and installation process for commercial and residential customers.

LBL Designs

LBL's creations range from their low-voltage fusion monorail system to their wide selection of signature European blown glass pendants. Many of their pieces feature handcrafted, artisan-made, mouth-blown glass made in Europe. The look of these blown glass pieces can vary considerably, even within the same model, in color and sometimes size and shape.

This sort of pattern variation on what is described as frit and mille fiore glass pieces is to be expected as many of these products are not made with a mechanized process. All of LBL's glass pendants feature original designs with rich, layered colors. A wide variety of retailers offer LBL mini pendants, wall sconces, fusion monorail kits, and fusion track heads.

LBL Products

LBL's pendant lights (or lights that hang from ceilings with a chain or pipe) can be seen featured in restaurant, workplace, and home settings. They are often paired with monorail systems that consist of a bendable rail. Monorail Lighting can be energy-efficient but is most often favored for its slick, minimalist design.

Besides a wide variety of pendants, LBL offers swivel, rail and curly lamp heads that can be accessorized with various blown glass and metal shades. They also offer multiple choices in ceiling, chandelier, recessed, and suspension lighting. Their low-voltage monorail systems come in satin chrome and bronze finishes. Their unique fusion two-circuit monorail offers two individually switchable electrical circuits on the same rail.

LBL also offers track lighting featuring low voltage heads in white, black and silver finishes. Their Bronze Collection features pendants, swivel heads, wall sconces, and suspension fixtures in bronze finishes. The Geoform Collection is suitable for outdoor environments and features aluminum fixtures with a double-coated powder finish. LBL's Modular Collection begins with a generic base fixture made up of a die-cast aluminum body appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings. A variety of decorative stainless steel faces are easily installed and also interchangeable. Stingray, LBL's new wall fixture system features gauged, powder-coated aluminum face plates. Their glass or alabaster plates function both indoors and outdoors.