Light Strips

When most people hear the term light strips, they think of the industrial lighting that is used in commercial buildings, warehouses, repair shops, or other areas where powerful lighting is needed. In general, light strips are any lighting fixtures that incorporate a horizontal lighting scheme. This may include the use of light bulbs that are long in nature or the use of light bulbs in a horizontal pattern.

Most light strips are installed overhead on the ceiling but, although rare, they are sometimes installed on a wall. Light strips are certainly an affordable lighting option that provides an abundance of light.

Types of Light Strip Fixtures

Light strips include any light fixtures that are wired together in series. Each of the light bulbs operates off of one light switch. These light strips are usually installed on the wall rather than on the ceiling, similar to long fluorescent light bulbs. Light strips that are installed on the wall may direct the light upward, downward or straight out. They can also incorporate a wide variety of construction materials including metal, wood or fabric.

Although long fluorescent light bulbs installed on ceilings are the most popular versions of light strips available, there are other options available for those who want light strips that also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Light strip fixtures that are decorative in nature may not provide as much light to the room as those that are strictly used for lighting purposes. However, this is the tradeoff that is often made to create a room that has an overall look that is aesthetically pleasing.