Pendant Lamps

Lighting adds drama, provides illumination, unifies decor, and creates ambiance. One of the most versatile interior lighting fixtures is the pendant lamp. Pendants are single light fixtures that hang from the ceiling or are suspended from a light track or monorail. Pendant lamps make terrific accessory lights and also serve handily as primary light sources. A large pendant lamp can make an elegant statement set in the dining room. Often pendants are used in groups of three or more; hung in an even line, hung at varying heights, or hung in clusters to suit the mood and style of a room.

Pendant Lamps as Decoration

Designers like to refer to pendant lamps as jewelry for the home. One clever use for pendant lamps is as a replacement for the nightstand lamp where hanging a pendant or group of small pendant lamps above the nightstand provides excellent illumination and frees up surface area. Pendant Lamps are oftentimes chosen specifically for their form as much as their function.

And it is what they can bring to a room in terms of dressing it up that gives pendant lamps their appeal. In fact, pendant lamps exhibit a range of elegance, style, whimsy, sophistication, and chic that no other lighting element can match. You can find a number of specialty retailers that even offer pendant lamps designed and manufactured by artisans-so you can have a pendant lamp that is not only a functional luminary, but also a work of art destined to be a unique conversation piece.

Pendant Lighting Options

Your options when selecting pendant lighting therefore, are virtually unlimited. If size is a concern, rest assured pendants from mini (5" wide or less) to mega (over 42" wide) are available. Prices for pendant lamps run the gamut from around $15 to over $4,000 for a high end model.

Manufacturers of pendant lamps use every material imaginable. Hand-blown, tiffany-style, and mille fiore glass, natural materials like seashells, cloth, and alabaster, as well as brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and pewter, are some of the popular materials from which the shades are made. Finishes in hammered brass, chrome, nickel, gold, antique bronze, carbon, and vinyl white are among the sea of offerings.