Progress Lighting

Progress lighting is used to describe high quality, aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures that can be main light sources or to provide accent lighting to an area of the room or an object in the room. Chandeliers, lantern scones, wall lanterns, under cabinet lighting, adjustable, and recessed fixtures are all grouped under the definition of progress lighting.

Progress Lighting Options

1. Progress Lighting in the Stairway

Progress lighting hung in or along a stairway that provides views of the lighting from more than one level should be attractive from all angles, yet also provide enough light to safely traverse the stairs themselves. Sometimes, several wall lanterns or chain hung progress lighting can add an attractive accent to a stairway, but provide more illumination along the stairs than just a single chandelier.

2. Progress Lighting in the Dining Room

A single chandelier can be more appropriate in a dining area, where it can be combined with recessed lighting to provide enough illumination in a room, but also be attached to dimmer switch in order to create a desired mood or atmosphere. Chandeliers also provide excellent downlighting to give an appealing cast to a formally set dining table and the food placed upon it.

3. Entryway and Hall Lighting Using Progress Lighting

Lighting is important as it casts the first impressions in a home upon entering. Again, a chandelier may be appropriate to set a mood or compliment a d��cor, but smaller recessed lighting with accent lights can also be lovely and appropriate. Recessed lighting is most commonly used in a general area such as a living room or bathroom along with other fixtures, for it can provide a light source that may be concealed.

4. Large Spaces/Rooms and Progress Lighting

Additional close-to-ceiling fixtures, decorative fluorescents, and surface mounted fixtures will provide ample lighting in a larger space, as well as highlight focal points in a room such as a sitting area in a living space or a pedestal sink in a bathroom. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, hanging pendants and mini-pendants cast excellent downlighting on food preparation activities, as well as maintain an attractive setting.

Exterior Progress Lighting

Progress lighting can also be used outside the home, providing and complimenting existing safety lighting. Lamp posts and post top lanterns illuminate driveways and walkways, and wall lanterns can be attached adjacent to a front door or a second floor window or balcony to extend a light source up along the entire front of a home.

Progress Lighting: Factors to Consider

Before investing in progress lighting, each area of the home should be assessed separately to decide which lighting would be appropriate and add the desired effect, yet at time, still remain a practical light source.