Quoizel Lighting

Quoizel lighting pertains to high-end lamps and lighting fixtures made from china, brass, handcrafted stained glass, and other precious metals and materials. The word quoizel is actually an astrological term used to describe the conjunction of several planets that was occurring at the time of the company's inception over seventy years ago.

Types of Quoizel Lighting Fixtures

Handcrafted stained glass is a good signal that a light fixture is a Quoizel. The smooth-faceted glass may be a multi-colored mosaic pattern and can add class and accent to any wall or table top in every room from the bathroom to the back porch. Quoizel lighting fixtures can have very intricate and unique adornments and designs, such as Quoizel Tiffany Lamps, and can be found in many different types of fixtures including:

Quoizel lighting can also be found outdoors in lamp posts and outdoor sconce lighting.

Quoizel Chandeliers

Quoizel chandeliers are a popular fixture in dining rooms, as they cast a soft glow similar to candlelight when suspended over a table. When considering a Quoizel chandelier, the fixture should be 12 inches smaller in diameter than the dining room table. Also, the diameter should be about half of the width of the table and hung thirty inches above the table surface to cast appropriate lighting and to keep guests from bumping their head when they stand up.

Quoizel Lighting Maintenance

Quoizel represents timeless designs by reflecting past trends with modern ideas and materials. Because Quoizel lighting uses brass, hand crafted stained glass, iron, porcelain, crystal and leather in its fixtures, the maintenance and care for the fixtures is very important.

Glass lamp shades and bases are generally susceptible to harsh cleaning chemicals, so the lamp itself should be removed from the tabletop before the table cleaned with furniture or wood polish. The shades may be also affected by glass cleaners as they may contain ammonia which will affect the finish, causing it to tarnish or oxidize.

A soft clean cloth or a cloth dipped in warm soapy water can be used to wipe down a Quoizel fixture. One may also use a fine brush or lint remover on a fabric shade. The base of a Quoizel lighting fixture should be polished with lemon oil if made from metal or wood, or soapy water if the base is resin or painted, while brass bases require the simply wiping with a dry, soft cloth.