Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is lights which are installed in the ceiling of a home or covered porch. Recessed lighting includes the housing, or the frame that will hold the light, trim, and lamp, or light. Recessed lighting can be used alone to draw attention to a room's features or in combination with other types of lighting. Recessed lighting can create a dramatic effect in any room.

Recessed Lighting Options

There are several kinds of lamps available for recessed lighting, including:

  • Fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent.

Fluorescent lights have a long life and offer energy savings, up to eighty percent over incandescent bulbs. Some fluorescents can last up to eight years. You can find fluorescent lamps which give off different shades of light to create a different atmosphere in each of your rooms.

Halogen lamps emit a very bright white light. Halogen lights are not as energy efficient as fluorescent lights, but still perform better than do incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent lights, the most popular choice, are available in several sizes:

  • A
  • R
  • PAR
  • MR16.

Each bulb has different features. For example, MR16 bulbs emit a small pinhole beam while A bulbs are used for general lighting purposes. You can also easily find dimmers that work with incandescent bulbs.

Recessed Lighting Housing Choices

There are many styles of housings available. The diameters of housings vary so that you can choose how much light that you want in a given area. Some housings are designed for a specific type of bulb, as diameters are used specifically for generally lighting while others are better suited for accent lighting. For example, the housings for low voltage MR16 bulbs include low voltage transformers. There are housings that are meant to be used specifically on sloped ceilings or vaulted ceilings. Reflectors are used primarily for ambient lighting or accent lighting.

Recessed Lighting Trims

Trims add the final touch to recessed lighting. You can find adjustable or directional trims so that light can be directed to a specific location. Your trim might include diffusers to create softer lights. The trims around the lamps might be white to blend with your ceiling or chrome for an understated look.

Installing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights can be an excellent do-it-yourself project. Make sure to read and follow the instructions. Then, have your recessed lighting inspected by a certified electrical inspector to make sure that you have done the job safely and correctly.