Reflector Floods

Reflector floods, commonly known as reflector flood light bulbs, refer to a type of light bulb that is used indoors as a spotlight and for recessed ceiling mounted light fixtures or track lighting to provide light to specific areas of the room such as an architectural detail or a collection. They focus light in a specific area and are a good way to provide focused lighting without using light fixtures that provide general illumination.

Reflector Flood Construct

Reflector flood light bulbs are shaped like a bell, some with a wider mouth and others with a more narrow mouth, with the widest opening being where the spotlight shines. Other types of incandescent light bulbs include the:

  • A-line
  • Globe
  • Flame
  • Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) for outdoor use.

Like any other type of incandescent light bulb, the reflector flood has a tungsten filament surrounded by argon gas that when heated glows to provide light. Reflector floods give off a warm color that produces no glare making them an excellent choice to highlight artwork such as paintings or sculptures.

Types of Reflector Floods

Reflector floods get their name from the thin layer of aluminum, which acts as a reflector that coats the sides of the bulb to direct heat and light to the front of the spotlight. Reflector floods are sold in a variety of shapes and wattages. Reflector floods have either frosted or clear glass on the front of the spotlight.

There are also halogen reflector floods and compact fluorescent reflector floods available, which are more efficient than incandescent reflector floods. Most reflector flood light bulbs are clear, but they are also available in colors such as red, pink, yellow, green, and blue for holiday and party decorating or to provide mood lighting.

Some reflector flood light bulbs are used as grow lights for indoor plants, simulating daylight. Reflector flood light bulbs or lamps have a wider light spread than other reflector light bulbs. Wattages for reflector flood light bulbs ranges from 35 watts to 1000 watts depending on the application. Miniature reflector floods use 25 watts.

Most residential interior reflector flood light bulbs are lower in wattage, typically 30, 45, and 65 watts. Higher wattages are used in commercial and industrial settings. Reflector floods are relatively inexpensive while providing quality light. The average life of reflector floods is 2000 hours.