Rustic Lighting

Rustic d��cor has an undeniable charm that makes one think of antique-filled log cabins, homespun blankets nestled in cedar chests, and gently worn handmade furniture waiting to be enjoyed. Rustic decor is often made from natural materials such as logs, twigs, animal skins, and wrought iron.

What is Rustic Lighting?

Rustic lighting, like rustic d��cor, is very textural. Rustic lighting is often made of forged iron, copper, and wood. Chandeliers made from antlers and other animal byproducts are popular materials used in crafting rustic lighting. Lampshades made from natural fibers are also used and cast a warm glow in a room. Glass lampshades are usually made of amber mica, sometimes nestled between iron slats.

Iron sculptures depicting scenes from nature and wildlife are commonly used as lamp bases. They range from bears, moose, coyotes, and wolves. The iron used in the lamp bases has either a copper or bronze patina. These warm brown and red hues that appear naturally in natural materials such as iron and copper accent the other nature-inspired accents found in rustic d��cor.

Rustic Lighting Themes

Other themes from nature make their way into rustic lighting. Canoes, skis, pinecones, wheat, and acorns, and trees are also used as bases, globe holders, and wrapped around chandeliers and pendant lights. Sconces can also have nature and animal scenes wrapped around their glass base.

Decorating with Rustic Lighting

An entire home filled with rustic d��cor can be a bit overwhelming, but balanced with softer fabrics and straight cottage-style lines, can create a charming and warm environment. Smooth mission-style wood furniture with leather-upholstered seats can add an elegant touch to rustic d��cor.

Rustic lighting can come in the form of:

These lighting pieces make a dramatic statement in the home and shouldn't accumulate too much in one room. They also can clutter a room with scenes that can distract from the relaxed feel of a room.

Incorporate solid colored fabrics, geometric-patterned wool area rugs, and small floral and check patterned-accent pillows to soften rustic d��cor. Consider using soft paint colors on walls that aren't covered in natural wood. Too much rustic d��cor can darken a room and many rustic lighting products intentionally cast soft ambiance lighting, not bright task lighting.

Because rustic lighting is often hand crafted, it can be expensive. This is another reason to use it sparingly. Think of these pieces as future heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.