It is a proven fact that humans are creatures that need sunlight. Tests have been done on people who live in the far north, where sunlight is often scarce, and the findings have shown that people who are deprived of an adequate amount of sunlight suffer from depression and other, physical maladies; this alone can be your excuse to buy a skylight for your home.

Of course, the beauty of natural light flooding the middle of a house, where windows might be scarce, is often reason enough to add these "roof windows" to a home, and retrofitting a space to include them can breath new life into places that have always felt dank, dark or unwelcome before.

Letting in Light from the Sky

The skylight puts a transparent window overhead in a home or office that will let in natural light, raising spirits and the amount of light at the same time. There are nearly limitless options when it comes to sizes, shapes, styles, and functions of skylights, giving the homeowner a great number of options for adding function and style to their home.

Skylight Specifications

Most skylights will fit on roofs with a 15-inch or greater slope; they are designed this way and often won't work with steeper style roofs. If your roof doesn't fit the grade, check the with the skylight's manufacturer to ensure a proper fit before you make your purchase.

Local building codes might have impacts on your choices as well; there might be special requirements or restrictions on skylights in your area, so make sure to check as part of your planning. If the codes suggest it, or if your roof is unusual, consider a custom skylight.

Tubular Skylights

You might have a spot or two in your home that just won't work for skylights, such as under an attic, in a closet or similar area, but one where you desperately want the added natural light. Tube skylights are the solution; imaging two skylights, connected by a tube, and there you go. The top end is on the roof, allowing light through the tube, and the bottom end is in the ceiling, letting the light into your home.

Skylights: Additional Factors to Consider

There are additional options besides tube skylights and custom choices. If you have an area where you want some light but not too much, there are shades, blinds, and treated glass options that allow you to control the light quantity. There are also venting skylights, options that open to allow air circulation and come equipped with screens, fans and remote controls as well.

However you chose to add light to your home, take the time to review the options and make a plan of attack before visiting a merchant.