Undercabinet & Undershelf Fixtures

Undercabinet and undershelf fixtures are a type of low-profile lighting fixture used to light areas or surfaces that are often too difficult to light from above. In addition to providing task lighting, these fixtures are also used as accents. In most cases, undercabinet and undershelf fixtures are fluorescent, but incandescent and halogen undercabinet & undershelf fixtures are also used.

Types of Undercabinet and Undershelf Fixtures

Undercabinet and undershelf fixtures are categorized as either task lighting or accent lighting and come in a variety of styles such as:

  • Miniature track lights
  • Light bars
  • Low-voltage mini-lights on a rope or strip
  • Individual halogen or puck lights.

Fluorescent light bars and rope lighting are functional and save energy. Halogen and puck lights provide bright lighting that is closest to sunlight and they are used for areas that do not require an entire strip of mini lights. Puck lights are small, individual puck-shaped lights that can be easily mounted in areas that need them the most. Puck undercabinet & undershelf fixtures are easy to install in most kitchens cabinets and they offer the most intense lighting.

Task lights can be easily matched with your current track lighting system, ceiling fixtures, kitchen lighting fixtures or even table lamps.

Undercabinet and Undershelf Fixture Usages

Undercabinet and undershelf fixtures can be used in many different ways. Undercabinet task fixtures are used to highlight or provide additional lighting to areas where you spend the most time performing tasks such as cooking, washing dishes, baking, etc. Undercabinet and undershelf task lighting fixtures are also used in workshops, art studios and industrial environments.

Accent undercabinet & undershelf fixtures are typically used for decorative display cabinets or bookshelves. When used for display cabinets, the fixtures are hidden, but the light is directed onto decorative items, valuable china, various collections, etc. When used for bookshelves, undercabinet or undershelf fixtures can be used in corners, on surfaces and of course, underneath cabinets to highlight decorative items and books for a dramatic effect.

Undercabinet and Undershelf Fixture Placement

Undercabinet and undershelf fixtures may be recessed or surface mounted. The best undercabinet and undershelf fixtures are short in height with electronic ballasts for flicker-free starting. Undercabinet and undershelf fixtures used for task lighting are typically mounted at the front of cabinets to provide the best lighting. For granite counters, recessed undercabinet and undershelf fixtures are the best choice in order to avoid reflections in the granite countertop. Recessed lighting is installed into the surface of the cabinet or shelf with only the trim showing.