Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a lighting fixture that mounts directly to the wall with the intended function to illuminate an area. These fixtures do not have a base or require any support system other than the hardware that is used to mount the wall sconce to the wall. This unique mounting system makes it possible to light up a room or portion of a room in a location where there are spatial limitations that prevent the use of freestanding or tabletop lighting structures.

What Are Wall Sconces?

Although the primary function of wall sconces is to provide a light source for a room or area, wall sconces also serve design purposes as well. Even when additional lighting is not required, wall sconces may be included in a room as a decorative feature instead of a light source. Wall sconces will most likely be capable of producing light, but they may be installed for aesthetic reasons rather than functional reasons. The additional lighting that results from decorative wall sconces is usually considered to be an added bonus rather than a requirement.

Wall Sconce Options

For those who wish to use wall sconces in their decorating scheme, it is likely that the product selection at a home improvement store will be overwhelming, as more than likely, there will be more than one aisle of wall sconces. Wall sconces can provide light through:

  • Electricity
  • Flames
  • Gas.

Most commercially available wall sconces are powered by electricity. However, there are still some old-fashioned torch style wall sconces available. Gas powered sconces are a good alternative for those looking for an antique look or feel to the room.

The direction in which the lighting is funneled can also vary from one sconce to another. Many sconces provide up lighting, which means that the sconce is shaped in a way that light is directed upward. Wall sconces could be designed to funnel the light downward. Wall sconces can even be constructed to be open on both the top and the bottom to allow light to escape in both directions.

Wall sconces can also be made of a variety of materials. Metals, woods and fabrics are just a few of the materials commonly used in wall sconces, but they can be created from just about any material imaginable. With so many design options available to consumers, finding the perfect wall sconce to suit the d��cor of your room is never very difficult.