Molding & Casing

Molding and casing is considered finish carpentry. It is a decorative feature of woodwork that also serves a functional purpose, that of a transition between two surfaces such as a wall and floor, a wall and ceiling, or a window or doorframe and the wall. Moldings and casings also indicate a termination point. A good example of this is the use of the rosette that marks the intersection and corner of two pieces of casing on a door.

Molding and Casing Materials

Typically, moldings and casings are made from wood or plaster. The type of wood used to make molding and casing depends on whether it is to be painted or not. Pine or birch is recommended for moldings and casings that will be painted, whereas red or white oak, ash, and pine are recommended for moldings and casings that will be stained or not painted. However, moldings and casings might also be made from a plastic composite material or resin.

Moldings and casings have a profile that is usually both concave and convex. The profile is created by means of a router or a laser on the front face of the wood surface. The back of the molding or casing is either flat or in the shape of an L to conform to an existing edge such as a baseboard. Casing is typically 2 1/2-inches by ��-inch, whereas the size of moldings varies according to type.

Types of Moldings and Casings

Sometimes, moldings and casings are referred to as architectural elements. Molding and casing is sold as stock molding and casing or custom molding and casing. There are more than 800 stock molding and casing profiles available, including:

Custom molding and casing is used when there needs to match an existing pattern for example in an old house. Some moldings and casings have specific names such as rope molding, dentil molding, or half or quarter round molding.

Molding & Casing: How to Add it to Your Home

Cove moldings can be added to give your windows a more finished appearance. The addition of crown moldings between the wall and ceiling can make your ceiling seem loftier. Adding a quarter round molding to the baseboard makes it seem more complete. Moldings and casings are an easy do it yourself project that adds style and elegance to the plain woodwork in your home.


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