4 High-Impact Remodeling Tips for Today's Wallpaper

A new wave of wallpaper snuck onto the home improvement market when you weren't looking. Take a look now and you'll quickly discover that you won't be remodeling with your mother's wallpaper, although it might just be your great-great-great grandmother's. Many of the styles feature bold, graphic prints that will remind you more of a Victorian parlor than the delicate florals of your mom's now-dated living room.


Think rich textures! Think complicated patterns! Think bold! Today's wallpaper styles make a strong statement in any room and that's why designers and home improvement gurus are drawn to them. They create a sense of drama anchored by a feeling a richness and coziness that brings comfort in the midst of complicated economic times.

Like many homeowners, you may have been avoiding wallpaper like the plague for years and feel unsure about how to use it now that you've discovered this new decorating option. Check out these great options for making the most of remodeling with wallpaper.

1) Instant Romance: Remodeling a Bedroom with Wallpaper

Romance abounds among modern wallpaper choices. You'll find intricate damask patterns, bold florals, and glittery options featuring everything from foil to glass beads. Add beauty to your master bedroom and create a gorgeous focal point by wallpapering the wall behind your bed and keeping your color choices consistent through the rest of the room.

2) Instant Charm: Remodeling a Powder Room with Wallpaper

Any bathroom will do, but a small powder room that gets used frequently by guests could be the perfect room for going a little wallpaper crazy. Although less will be more in most applications, wallpapering each surface in a tiny space enhances its coziness and dramatic impact. And you won't be spending hour after hour after hour in the space, so you won't have to worry about getting dizzy from pattern overload.

3) Instant Class: Remodeling Your Living Room with Wallpaper

How you use wallpaper in a living room will depend largely on your decorating style, but many homeowners balance bold graphic elements with more muted colors in this space. For example, you could cover the walls with woven jute paper in a soft blue or shiny white paper printed with large metallic flowers. In many cases, applying wallpaper to one or two walls will be enough to give you the classy look you crave.

4) Instant Drama: Remodeling Architectural Features with Wallpaper

Apply dramatic wallpaper to a fireplace area or entertainment nook and watch it pop! You can enhance any architectural element using paper with strong color or bold pattern choices, whether your element is a dramatic ceiling line, an interesting door shape, or an unusual nook. If you've got it, flaunt it with a modern wallpaper treatment.

Remodeling with wallpaper won't be much more of a challenge than painting, and the impact will be immediate. You'll not only add color, you'll add texture, pattern, and richness that paint is hard pressed to offer.


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Natalie Morris is a freelance writer who loves to learn and ask questions. Her favorite home improvement activities include gardening, organizing, and painting large expanses of wall while her husband does the trim work. Natalie holds a bachelor's degree in English from Arizona State University.


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