Need Design Ideas? 7 Magazines for Every Home Remodel Personality

You do know you need a new bathroom or carpet or kitchen cabinets. You don't know where to start. Maybe all you've got is a fuzzy vision of blue and you're starving for ideas. How do you move from a vague inclination to a fabulous outcome?

Before you go to a home improvement store, before you scour kitchen cabinet designs, before you talk to an interior designer, you need ideas. Lots of ideas. Good, bad, and ugly ideas. Without exposure to the possibilities, how can you know what you really want for your home remodel?

Here's where interior design and home remodel magazines can help. They're easy to grab, flip through, and revisit in a few days. Magazines feature mostly color photos that you can tear out and add to an design idea folder or binder without guilt. You can highlight, circle, write, or draw smiley faces in the margins.

Most home design and remodel magazines publish about every month or two, so the ideas you'll find reflect current trends or new concepts that you can't always find in other resources. Magazines tend to focus on specific audiences, so you should be able to find one that fits your particular design style. Here are just a few ideas about what home remodel magazines are available at the newsstand:

Seven Home Improvement Remodeling Resources

1. Architectural Digest--Remodeling Ideas for the Upwardly Mobile
This high-end publication features expensive homes and famous homeowners, but you can get inspired even if you can't afford a million-dollar remodel!

2. Veranda--Remodeling Ideas for the Historically Inclined
If you enjoy beautiful, lush photos and a broad reach of design eras and styles, you should love this exquisite magazine.

3. Elle Decor--Remodeling Ideas for the Sleek and Modern
Here you'll find clean lines, simple but sophisticated styles, and a modern aesthetic leading the way.

4. Romantic Homes --Remodeling Ideas for the Hopeless Romantic
If every day should be a fairy tale, this publication can feed your romantic soul and help you figure out how to bring that romance into your home.

5. Country Living--Remodeling Ideas for Rural Life
Whether you live in the country or want your home to feel like you do, this magazine will inspire you with charming details and cozy, functional spaces.

6. Metropolitan Home--Remodeling Ideas for Life in the City
If you've traded the quiet of the country for the heartbeat of city life, check out this magazine that's especially tailored to the small spaces and unique challenges you'll face.

7. Better Homes and Garden--Remodeling Ideas for the Indecisive
Here almost anyone can be inspired by features tailored to a broad variety of geography, styles, and home remodel projects.

Let Your Home Improvement Project Begin!

Many of these design magazines offer excellent, robust Web sites, too, with special interactive features and databases of back articles. Whatever your home remodel personality, you should be able to find a publication to get you out of your idea rut.


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